The Hispanic Heritage Council began in 1997 as an organization with the explicit purpose of expanding awareness of Hispanic culture through a celebration held annually in Sherman.

September 16th is a significant date to Hispanics because it marks the beginning of the Latin American Independence Movement. As an organization we chose to hold our annual Hispanic Heritage Celebration on the weekend closest to September 16th because that is the date that has subsequently been adopted by numerous Latin American countries as their independence day.

Over the past 13 years we have seen our Celebration grow from a small cultural gathering into a community celebration with an annual attendance that exceeds 5,000 people. Our Celebration has grown considerably from what it was at its inception and has come to include contests, games, entertainment, food, and a children’s area.  Proceeds from this event serve as the most significant source of funding for our Scholarship Program. 

Coinciding with the expansion of our annual Celebration we have also expanded on our original mission of promoting cultural awareness into the promotion of educational opportunities for high school students of Hispanic descent who are going to be attending college for the first time.

Over the past 3 years, the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Program has awarded $3,000.00 to graduating seniors of Sherman High School. This year we have allotted $2,500.00 for the Scholarship Program and we have allocated a portion of these funds for a current college student wishing to continue his or her education. We also have plans to expand the scope of our Scholarship Program to encompass high schools in the surrounding communities of Grayson County.

As an organization we believe it is important to maintain a high level of community involvement. Over the past several years we have participated in numerous community events such as: the annual Sherman Christmas Parade, the Great Duck Race benefiting Girls Incorporated, the Phantom Ball benefiting the March of Dimes, the Denison Fall Fest, and the Cinco De Mayo Celebration at Austin College.

Sponsorships enable our organization to increase the quality and quantity of services offered to our community. Donations also free up other resources so that our members can participate in and contribute to other events in the larger community of Grayson County.

Sponsoring our event will enable a company to enhance its prestige among the Hispanic community by partnering with HHCT in the noble endeavor of providing educational opportunities to Hispanic students. Another advantage to sponsorship of our Celebration is the demonstration of diversity and cultural awareness that an area company will be making to the Hispanic community through its participation and contribution.